Finding reliable places for personal loans in post financial crisis America is scary at best. With so many big banks caught up in the loan scandals that sunk the economy in 2008, whom can you trust to give you the best rates with the safest guarantees? Short term payday lenders are a risk that everyone should steer clear of, but what other options than big international banks and predatory lenders are there? Local Ohio banks and credit unions are a good solution. Not only are they a part of the local community, but credit unions are owned by their members, not faceless stockholders, so as a member, you know your credit union is looking out for you.

Ohio banks and credit unions are directly involved with the communities they serve. It’s in their best interest to see that they thrive. That’s why credit unions and banks in Ohio are top rated when it comes to personal loans. They’re invested in making sure they do right by their customers and communities. 76% of Ohio banks have been ranked as superior or excellent by Bauer Financial of Florida with only 6% rated at the level of troubled, or problematic. Ohio credit unions have a superior or excellent ranking of 67% with only 1.7% of credit unions receiving bottom ratings. This puts Ohio banks and credit unions above the national average. The Bauer Financial of Florida rankings are determined by such factors as capital, profits, liquidity, the status of any delinquent loans and losses from those loans, ratings of community reinvestment and issues regarding regulations.

Strong ratings make a difference to individuals looking for personal loans. Banks with weaker ratings may feel pressure to cut expenses. This can take a toll on the quality of customer service it provides and can result in a string of bad business practices that leave banks with outdated technology and a lack of focusing on their customers’ needs.
Banks with superior or excellent ratings have a greater opportunity to offer personal loans at more competitive rates. By their being in good standing they will also have the staff to ensure that their customers need and wishes for their financial future can be met, while making sure their banking technology keeps pace with the latest improvements to provide the smoothest financial transaction experience all around.
It’s hard to know which banks to trust in the post sub-prime marketplace. But thanks to the outstanding ranking of Ohio’s local banks and credit unions, you know that when you bank with them, you’ll be getting the best possible and most secure rates on personal loans.