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There are a wide variety of loans available to consumers in Fox Point, Wisconsin from banks, credit unions and other online lenders. One nice advantage with credit unions is that they try to maintain their competitiveness with banks as regards to the financial services and products offered by them. The different types of loans offered is one such area of rivalry. Listed below are some of the different kinds of loans offered by credit unions. For borrowers who are searching for a short term cash loan or personal advance loan, you will have a few different options, depending on your credit background.
Home loan
A majority of members take home loans or mortgage from their credit unions. Home loans are usually advertised by the credit unions because of the accompanying low rates of interest. You may also use the services of a credit union to avail of a first mortgage or to refinance your mortgage after building equity on your home.

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Mortgage secured loans
Mortgage secured loans refer to those loans where mortgage is offered by you over actual property such as a block or unit of land, or a house as collateral. A mortgage secured loan is generally larger. Also, as it is a secured loan, a lower interest rate is charged.
Unsecured loans
Credit unions also offer unsecured loans which does not involve a mortgage. Such loans are usually smaller amounts which have to be repaid over a shorter period of time. Additionally, as the loan is not secured a higher, though competitive, interest rate is charged. These unsecured loans are often referred to as signature loans or signature based installment loans, that do not require that you pledge a home or car to obtain a new loan.
Student loan

Graduate and college students would normally require a student loan to pay for their education. Credit unions offer student loans at low rates of interest. Such a credit union may be sponsored by the students or the employees who manage the school. A student loan from a credit union will help you get quality education at the lowest price possible.
Car loan
In the past, most credit unions did not offer car loans. However, several credit unions have started giving car loans. Such loans also come with a competitive, albeit lower, rate of interest that can help you finance the lease or purchase of a new car. You may require the car for business or personal purposes, and a credit union car loan helps you fulfill this requirement at a comparatively low cost.
Business loan

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others can get a business loan from credit unions to finance their urgent business needs. Credit union business loans also have low interest rates and can be long-term loans. Such loans are especially helpful during times of economic downturns.
Personal loans

Credit unions also offer different types of personal loans with low interest rates to its members which can be used for emergencies, a big-purchase item, or for buying other essential commodities. Personal loans are generally available from a variety of lenders and could be as simple as borrowing $300 to $500 for borrowers who are in between their paychecks or have a cash flow emergency. Other types of personal loans, might include installment loans for $1000 or more for longer periods of times. Obtaining a personal loan if you have poor or bad credit histories may be a bit more complex, but starting with your local bank or credit union is a good idea, you can then explore options from online lenders or other lenders like Peer to Peer lenders.

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Credit cards

Credit card services have been recently added to the varied financial products and services offered by credit unions. They too come with competitive interest rates which are usually lower than banks and other financial institutions. Overdraft, consolidating or refinancing debts

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Credit unions also offer overdraft facilities against your savings or checking accounts to cover unexpected expenses. They have a nominal fee. Refinance or consolidation of debts can also be done via credit unions.
Green loans

Some credit unions also offer ‘green loans’ that can be used to purchase solar products, rain water tanks, and other such five star rated environmental items. Review Loan Options From These Fox Point, Wisconsin Banks and Lenders:
Bank of America
Fifth Third
Key Bank
US Bank
Wells Fargo

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